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Qcircle is a leading portal of business and education

An open Job | Biz Creation and Innovation Platform
A venue for cooperative learning and doing business worldwide

Qcircle is an ecommerce enabled Consortium.

The eConsortium hosts a chain of business entities and a series of well integrated good domain brands. It features a large infrastructure of cyberspaces for global education and business development worldwide. Its main focus is on digital innovation for new jobs and businesses and the regeneration of ideas to create new values. The platform enables clienteles to partner among themselves for cooperative development, intra-business privileges and e-commerce rewards. Uniquely a built eConsortium Ecosystem for today’s growing digital economy.

Education, Business and Professional Service Providers | Solution Developers | Solution Learners can create their own digital value chain and financial portfolio at the eConsortium. Qcircle is open for participation by Consortium Plan.

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All participants will be registered as a Qualified Client User on enrolment and rewarded with an appropriate upgrade of a Consortium Financial Plan for self-actualisation of returns on completion

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Entrepreneurial Innovation. Immediate new jobs and businesses. Work anywhere and anytime

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Enterprise Development. Transformation for new values, jobs and businesses in digital economies.

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eCommerce Globalisation. Strategic development of firms in today’s global marketplaces

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IEI Practicum

International Entrepreneurial Innovators Practicum | Creation of Job and business worldwide.

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Transformational Change | explore. Learn. Innovate. Transform. Enterprise @ Qcircle.

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Strategic Global Media Solutions | Creation of digital values and new marketplaces.

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Our Mission

To be the go-to consortium for empowering the career of individuals and the enhancement of businesses in the era of digital economies.

We advocate the need for continuous adaptation and innovation to excel in the changing environment. We integrate businesses, professional practices and learning into one eConsortium for strategic globalisation and digital growth.

Our focus is to provide job and business creation opportunities worldwide.

What We Do

We are a consortium of investors, business owners and service providers banded together for a new frontier of growth. Our ecommerce enabled Consortium offers a unique “Education plus Business” portal for entrepreneurial innovation and strategic value development.

We provide solution gateways and a strategic development process to align participants’ competencies and businesses into one multi-faceted eConsortium. Our internationally recognised product brands and service channels create values and augur digitalisation successes.

We incorporate intellectual and social innovation into our growth paradigm and as a change challenge for participants to find their own fit and significance. Our eConsortium Ecosystem generates values and enables collaboration among networked clienteles.

Join Us Now

Be part of Qcircle. We welcome all participants – both students and graduates, educators, entrepreneurs and professionals – to partake with us in the development of this eConsortium for cooperative learning and doing business worldwide.

Journey with us. Qcircle is for all educational, business & enterpreneurial pursuits. We provide exchanges in the research & development of ideas, practical application and innovative implementation of them with our Consortium Plan.

Progression. Join the eConsortium as a Qualified Client User to begin your journey with us or participate directly as an Affiliate for immediate privileges and advance to a higher plan at your own pace. Get digitally connected at the eConsortium. Be a power for the good.

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