eLITE Online Practicum

Staged job and business development program. Prepared digital environment.

Innovation Space

Career, Job and business development anywhere and anytime. Enter Qcircle’s eLITE open environment
Online Practicum and Mentorship. Co-learning and innovation. Directed inter-disciplinary business development. Select your choice to participate.

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    • Learn and earn Scheme.
    • Choice Job and Business development program to suit your interest.
    • Privileges and reward with choice Consortium Financial Plan.

The Mentor-Mentee Partners Alliance is a cooperative development initiative. The service is provided by Qcircle Professionals / Mentors to assist members to upgrade themselves and be part of Qcircle for career advancement or business enhancement.


Progression Proposal – The Digital Innovation Start-up

Strategic positioning of new business for growth | Setting pathway opportunities in digitalised marketplaces.

Submission of Growth Project File for Members Competency Award

Eligible for subscription to an appropriate category of Affiliate Plan.

Status : Affiliate @ Qcircle


Integration Proposal – The Strategic Gateway Plan.

Strategic development | Integration of participants’ competencies into the eConsortium for growth.

Submission of Integration Project File for Certification Award.

Eligible for subscription to an appropriate category of Associate Plan.

Status : Associate @ Qcircle


Brand Affiliation – The Solution Global Plan.

Getting into the critical factors of today’s success | Digital affiliation with good domain brand.

Submission of Digital Brand Project File for Strategic Global Ready Award.

Eligible for subscription to an appropriate category of Corporate Plan.

Status : Corporate Host @ Qcircle


Enterprise development with Digital Value Chain

Getting into the eConsortium. Enterprise @ Qcircle

Submission of Enterprise Project File for online review and implementation

Direct to Registry Plan . One year complimentary subscription to Registry Plan

Status : Global Host @ Qcircle

Program Format and Agenda

Program Plan may vary to meet local requirements of participants